Psychology, UX Research | Interaction Design | Production

Hi- I’m a Producer, a UX Researcher, and Designer passionate about psychology and interaction design.

The Other Side

An interactive polling system.

Zodiac Race

2D Art and Interaction Design in VR Storytelling.


2D Animation in AR game.

Game Therapy Tutorial

Integrating Game Therapy Design and Film-Making.

Organ Donation Animation

2D Animation on Promoting Organ Donation.

Organ Tranplant Tutorial

Production and Research on Educational Film.

Educational Animation

Design Educational 2D Animation.

Hi again- I’m currently looking for an UX Research / Design, and a production internship for summer, 2020.

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Psychology, UX Researcher | UX Designer | Producer

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Currently a Student

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Entertainment Technology

Current Project

The Other Side

Producer / UX Researcher