It is a project from the governmental organization, where they were acknowledging the medical partitioners in Taiwan about the newly-legalized law on the Organ Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD).

The final delivery included a full-length tutorial documentary, a short promo video, and a learning manual. My role on this project was the porject management, and the animation designer for the promo animation.

The biggest challenge of this project was the poor awareness from not only the public but most medical practitioners, and that there were only few people in Taiwan with the knowledge and experience on this newly-legalized law and the procedures of executing the DCD.

The client had one clear goal, to raise awareness and promote the DCD. It was up to us to diagnosis the pain point, and proposed a solution within budgets and timeline. It was one of those cases that the client had little knowledge on what they were tackling, so it became my responsibilities to learn as much as possibly from the consulting surgeons, and communicate back and forth between the team and client.

We first helped established the whole legal procedure that fit in the medical environment in Taiwan, and then applied it into film making. We interviewed all the acknowledged doctors and nurses multiple times, and eventually film an interview footage with each one of them to share their experiences and knowledges on how to execute the procedure. It covered a lot of “soft skills” under the table within the realistic execution of organ donation. It’s never just about surgical techniques, it’s all about human.

We also interviewed some social workers whom have been working closely with the families in need, and had the first-hand experiences on how people react and embrace the moment of lost, and having to make a decision at their most vulnerable status.

That was the real starting point of a potential organ donation. We wished to spread the love to another human, but at the same time, there was another human perishing, a family losing someone they love.

We approached the topic from both social and technical perspective to cover the complete execution. Highlighting the importance from the emotional supports, understanding, and the final technical steps.

Tutorial Animation

We created several animation to help explain the surgical knowledge, you can find out more here from my research perspective.

Rebuild the Scenes

We cooperated with the hospital to rebuild the ICU scenes, where most donor patients spent their last days, hoping to address the appreciation we all had for the people that chose to donate and extend the kindness.


We filmed the interviews in the hospitals, their offices, and medicine schools. We provided the interview prompts ahead to help them prepare and ease the nerve, since all of them weren’t familiar with speaking in front of the camera.